Warum iBooks wie Delicious Library aussieht...

In fact, Shipley was quite vocal on Twitter during the keynote today about the situation. “No, Apple didn’t license iBooks from me. They just copied me. Ah well,” he wrote. Later, he added, “I guess it’s not enough Apple has hired every employee who worked on Delicious Library, they also had to copy my product’s look. Flattery?” While Shipley tries to play it off as not that big of a deal, clearly he’s pretty upset about it. And he should be. I mean, the bookshelf view in iBooks is nearly identical to the main bookshelf view used in Delicious Library. Not only that, but it’s not like this is a little-known app that Apple may have missed: it has won the Apple Design Award twice, and been a runner-up one other time. Apple gives out those awards.

Während der Keynote, beim Auftauchen der ersten Bilder war auch mein erster Gedanke: Hö? Das Programm kennst du doch?

Der Artikel in Techcrunch ist interessant zu lesen und zeigt einmal mehr, wie´s Business läuft.